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Eliminate disruptive worksite enrollments and escape ERISA compliance by outsourcing supplemental medical voluntary benefits to BelayOn.

“More than 80% of “worksite and voluntary benefits” plans are actually subject to ERISA despite employers (and their brokers) believing the plans were exempt.” (ComplianceBug)

Are the voluntary plans offered by your organization exempt from compliance requirements under DOL Reg. § 2510.3-1(j) “voluntary plan safe harbor”?

Not sure? Has the company ever:

Your plans might be subject to ERISA compliance. Employers and their owners can be financially liable if they are considered to be sponsoring an ERISA plan without following the required provisions. To avoid potential fees, penalties & civil lawsuits, make sure you are following ERISA guidelines that include filing appropriate plan documents, distributing SPD’s and, depending on the number of participants, filing Form 5500’s annually.*
It looks like you're meeting the voluntary safe harbor requirements and offering Non-ERISA supplemental medical voluntary plans.

Another alternative is to outsource these benefits to BelayOn where we offer an easy direct pay, non-employer sponsored supplemental medical voluntary benefit solution.

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